All That Matters Is The Story

Journalists tend to be given the reality about a selection of subjects, but their convenience of understanding, retaining and representing these facts would put teflon to pity objectively. All that counts is the whole tale. Jason Journalist as the all purpose golden fleece which can make everything well and good (and guarantee a byline and a paycheck) if only it could be found. That requires digging and thinking a which and bit, subsequently requires the blather to go up to the level of certainly wrong predicated on monitor record, but maybe something interesting there.

If anybunny observed, that is the Weasel’s default position, e.g. the response to the question of why don’t you take me seriously, being well, because you are a clown. So when friend Kloor began on his Lomborgian GMOhad, Eli was seriously unimpressed. This is simply a different one of those “if you truly cared about x you’ll do that other thing” that no one outside of those who wish to stop x takes seriously.

After all if we really cared about anything important why would anyone pay good money to see Lionel Messi or LeBron James when that source could be used to execute a b or c. Perhaps at this time the Rabett might state his position on GMO food: He eats the shit, today as will most everyone in the world.

Eli was involved with some chemical substance research sponsored by Monsanto Chemicals when they decided to get mostly out of this business and concentrate on agriculture via BST and Round Up Ready everything. There were conversations numerous high up in the study area which clarified to the Buuny that the move was strictly business, they spotted a opening and made a decision to risk the business and fill up it. Eli may also state his position on food: He likes the stuff as anyone who has ever met him will testify.

As a bunny now, he can eat without end, the combination of which is a problem leading to Rabett’s Law: There are no calorie consumption to waste. Now it is true, there are some, not Eli, for whom this is not a nagging problem, but every tasteless piece of cardboard is an opportunity for pleasure lost.

Modern manufacturer agriculture is the tasteless in pursuit of less flavor, and, of course, there are huge problems with the overuse of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides that are accumulating in us and the environment. These are delayed costs, much as climate change. Which, finally, brings us to the frankenfish, aka AquaAdvantage salmon. They are salmon which have been genetically customized to incorporate the ability to communicate an antifreeze proteins and yet another growth hormone so that they will grow faster even in colder water.

The proposal is complicated, only triploid (three copies of chromosomes) females would be sold for food. Eggs would be produced on Prince Edward’s Island Canada and shipped to a rise service in Panama where they would be reared and eventually sold for food. Full details can be found at the fda site.

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Our friend Kloor published about how exactly some foodie friends of his nearly tossed him out the door when he continued about his anti-GMO hysteria thing about the salmon. Yet, there are more twists and turns to this story than any fool looking for a quick headline can handle.

For example as it happens that the major political opposition is not the foodies, but commercial anglers in Alaska already threatened by lower salmon prices due to improved yields from seafood farming. Second, anyone who thinks that AquaBounty can make a dime, or at least enough dimes to pay development costs, from the cross PEI/Panama Rube Goldberg plan is a few pennies short of a dollar.

Obviously this can be an starting gambit which enabled the application never to deal with specific environmental issues that would need to be looked at if the AquaAdvantage seafood were raised in US waters. A survey, quoted in Discover shows that there is no factor between liberals, conservatives and moderates on whether they would, prefer or would not eat GMOs. Eli has been doing some reading.