I don’t believe your evaluation is complete. And by your own admission you said you’re only speculating here. Let me tell you the story of my children. Dad – 57, male, moderate AGA. Mom – 52, feminine, lush locks. Sister – 32, feminine, average locks. Friend 1 – 33, Male, No AGA (none in his family either).

Friend 2 – 27, female, good hair density. All 6 of us started HCG within a week of each other, supported one another. All 6 experienced hair loss that started between 6 weeks to 10 weeks AFTER ROUND TWO. This onset time frame was constant with people writing on forums too, as we’d discover much later.

Me – man, extreme hairloss resulted in severe hair loss – Norwood 6 with diffuse top. Hair thinning has ceased, but regrew never. Calendar year Moving in for transplant next. Dad – male, Norwood 7 Now. Profuse hairloss ensued, slowed and then stopped then, but nary a hair grew back after approx 20 months. Mom – female, lush hair still.

Experienced moderate hairloss, and everything grew back again. Sister – feminine, Experienced severe hairloss and has seen no regrowth absolutely. Friend 1 – Male, Severe hairloss and saw no regrowth. Friend 2 – woman. Severe hairloss and experienced only partial regrowth. She’s the daughter of a trichologist and had locks per square centimeter counted. Only incomplete regrowth confirmed.

  • Starting Point – where in fact the person is in the correct position to begin the Repetition
  • We might not always utilize the available theories correctly,
  • Know that you have emotions and be thankful that you have a support system
  • I weigh 140 pounds by 06/01/11
  • Age is simply a number, not a description of fitness
  • Poses minimal risk
  • 3-Antibiotics are found in certain cases. Flagyl or Metronidazole; Ciprofloxacin or Cipro
  • Ask your physician or medical facility how much out-of-pocket expense you’ll be responsible for

I come from a family group of MDs. I don’t think anyone quite understand the relationship – but it’s very much there. The onset timeframe is consistent to just be a co-incidence too. What is leading to it – HCG or the calorie restriction or the weight shed, is anybody’s guess. However your hairloss rate of 0.4% is grossly incorrect. I’m sorry, I don’t question your integrity, perhaps just your math. I really do apologize however your observation has no remote resemblance to any empirical observations we made.

This conversion can be an enzymatic response that is catalyzed by the enzyme Citrate lyase. On inhibition, the production of body fat is ended and creation of LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides lowers. 1. Studies have shown that it increases the serotonin levels and very good at enhancing mood and sleep patterns therefore.