Health And Nutrition Technology

Health and Technology Nutrition (HNT) is focused on providing weight reduction and long term weight reduction solutions through clinically supervised weight reduction. The Indianapolis area is the original location of HNT- Program for Weight and Health Management. We have proudly served the city since 2002. We think that support combined with education is what it takes to produce a lifestyle change permanent.

Our goal is to instruct you the skills to develop a wholesome lifestyle and to mentor you while exercising these skills. In the supportive environment, you’ll focus on learning four essential skill-sets: Behavioral; Nutritional; Environmental; EXERCISE. Personal and professional coaching is fundamental to your program. Our dedicated staff consists of four authorized dietitians.

Accountability reaches the primary of the participant-coach romantic relationship. You’re highly encouraged to attend every week behavior change classes, keep records and check in with the coach between appointments. It really is this high level of connection with your trainer that makes this planned program unique. Sustainable Health improvement often starts with initial Weight loss.

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  • A section in the trunk or upstairs for the free weights
  • Don’t eat within two to four hours before bedtime

We can assist anyone prepared to change. With a range of starting weights from 131-557lbs. everyone benefits. Our average weight loss in the first 20wks is 16% loss; maintained 1,2,3,4 years away! You are invited by us to attend a FREE information session to learn more about our program. We know that you would like all the details before you decide if it is right for you. It is 1 hour provides and long an opportunity to get your questions answered. Relatives and buddies should go with you. When you’re ready to change it out impacts those around you-positively.

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